Share Your Story

Why my story?

We are looking for stories of women’s activism from all areas of life. We know that activism comes in many forms; it may be public protest or campaigning, signing a petition, it may be in opposition to a controversial issue or it may be for a particular individual, group, or organisation in need.

We are particularly interested in collecting stories of activism relating to BAME, LGBTQ+, disability equality, gender equality, racial equality, legislation, democracy, employment rights, discrimination at work, eco, Greenham Common and older women.

How do I donate my story?

We would love to hear your stories about women and activism from across the South West region.  Our Rebellious Sounds Archive Coordinator Carmen Talbot would love to hear from you:

What will happen to my story?

The oral histories we collect will form the basis of a permanent archive. Once the Heritage Lottery Fund project finishes in June 2019, the oral histories will go to a permanent home in an archive/community organisation in the South West. We will contact you to inform you about where this will be.

Excerpts from 40 of the stories (3 – 4 minutes long) will be exhibited in a touring exhibition space known as the ‘Listening Booth’. This will visit locations across the region 2018 and 2019. These edited versions of the story will also be made available on the Dreadnought South West website via the project SoundCloud page.