The Cause

The Cause – An Overture of Rebellion and Revolt:

An imagined meeting between the two extraordinary women’s suffrage leaders Millicent Fawcett and Emmeline Pankhurst.  Asking what happens when two such forces meet?
Two women who have been campaigning for all of their adult lives in the fight for women’s rights, in the fight for the vote.  Wondering what the effect of the long haul may have done to who they are now, in this private moment where there is nothing to hide. Meeting in an orchard these leaders, whose tactics and methods of campaigning divided a nation, has divided them, is brought to the fore as their approaches to gaining the vote collide.  Whilst a figure from the present watches on.

The Cause as a title strikes at the heart of the play and all our work at Dreadnought so we thought it was fitting to change the play’s title to ensure that its resonances to contemporary society and the fight for gender equality could be felt from the outset.

2018 sees the centenary of the very first UK votes for some women in 1918, and so Dreadnought is hoping to tour The Cause across the South West and to Parliament as part of our ongoing work and commitment to championing stories about women’s activism.

Previously developed as The Orchard in 2015 with audiences across the South West, then at the Calm Down Dear Festival at Exeter Bikeshed Theatre in 2016, supported by Arts Council England South West.

We are hoping to tour The Cause across the South West in 2018 and if you are interested please do get in touch.