For September, we held a series of free online Wednesday Workshops with some very wonderful artists.

These workshops were made possible thanks to Emergency Funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund & Players of The National Lottery  #ThanksTo You!

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Past workshops

Songs of Rebellion
with workshop leader Claire Ingleheart

7.30pm Wed 9 Sept

Come and join us for an evening zoom, singing along to some specially commissioned songs, inspired by and in response to real-life stories of women’s activism.

In 2019, Dreadnought South West commissioned three writers and composers along with choral arranger Claire Ingleheart, to respond to women’s stories of activism collected throughout the South West. The result, was a serious of six songs which were later performed by community choirs in Cornwall. We are really excited to have the opportunity to share these songs again, and invite you to join us for a zoom sing! You will be sent lyrics and MP3s in advance. On the night, Claire will sing through all parts as well as have backing tracks to sing along with too.

As you’re probably already aware, with zoom (or any online apps) it’s impossible to all sing together. However, it has been surprisingly delightful and moving to sing along to Claire and the sound track, in the comfort of your own home (with a drink in hand of course!) and see people’s lovely smiling faces! If you’re interested in women’s activism and singing, this is the zoom for you!



Creative Ways Into Playwriting
with workshop leader
Paula B Stanic

4pm Wed 16 Sept

We’ll be looking at different ways to get started on a new idea. There will be a couple of exercises aimed at building a character and writing a monologue for them. We’ll also take the character on a journey to look at the beginnings of building a narrative. We’ll work quickly through the exercises so we can get as much in as possible. There will be time set aside for questions in the last 20 minutes so please make a note beforehand of anything you’d like to ask.

Limited places

This group is for women age 18 +. There is no upper age limit.






Reclaiming & Decolonising Our Women of Colour Activists
with workshop leader Sandhya Dave

7pm Weds 23 Sept

Chipkooo (To Hug)
Reclaiming & Decolonising Our Women of Colour Activists

This is a workshop to inform, challenge, co-educate and gain inspiration from. Reclaiming our her-stories.

Which woman of colour & heritage has inspired you?
Why have you not heard about her in mainstream cultural education?
Which stories do we all need to share about inspirational women of colour to reclaim and decolonise the movements that we navigate and work in?
Is your own mind colonised?

Let us protest about this and resist being fed a Eurocentric narrative of the world we live in. Let us reclaim our heritage wisdom and re-educate ourselves and others. Take part. Bring and share your woman of inspiration story with us all.



RAP about it! – The Transformative Power of Rhythm and Poetry
workshop leader Silai Estatira

7pm Wed 30 Sept
For ages 18 to 25

Join rapper and poet Silai Estatira on a colourful and artistic journey into the world of hip hop music. Whilst simultaneously exploring the history of rap and the stylistic differences that exist within the genre, Silai will guide you through the process of writing your own raps and developing your own unique flow!

Silai Estatira is a hip hop and spoken word artist who explores multifaceted themes such as societal injustice and individual spirituality. Drawing on both shared and personal experiences, Silai plays with words and rhythm in order to create music that is profound, dynamic and refreshing.