OTA 2023 Audio Submissions

Caroline Bergvall – Now is a perfect time for screaming

Cathy Towers – Express Yourself

Fiona Benson – Firefly Suite

Fiona Benson – Mama Cockroach, I Love You

Gillian Taylor with Rona O'Donnel, Cherylee Houston & Lisa Hudson

Gillian Taylor TIME with Anne Reevell

Gillian Taylor TIME with Camilla Hampshire

Gillian Taylor TIME with Carolyn Black

Gillian Taylor TIME with Sue Newhook

Gillian Taylor with Laura Reid

Hazel Ackland – The Nest

Kerry Priest – Bone Staircase

Lissa Carter – Allotment

Lucienne Boyce – Writing Womens Lives

MotA – Amy Adkin – Mothers Voice

MotA – Ellen Bulleid – How do we raise climate resillient kids

MotA – Kate Massey – Chase Arts and Minds

MotA – Tina Lawton – Cities of Hope

Poppy Newton-Clare – Jelly

Poppy talks about Scratchworks

Promoting Choice – Home sounds like

Promoting Choice – Hope Poems

Promoting Choice – I'm always dancing

Promoting Choice – Jenny's Bell Story

Promoting Choice – Pen to paper

Roshani Ramass – Warrior Women of The West Coast

Silai Estatira – Sometimes think I am star exploding

Silai Estatira – Starting Again

Silai Estatira – Thinking and wanting

Wren Choir – Sound The Alarm

Wren Choir – They Call Us Refugees