Actor Callout

Female BAME actor required for an extensive SW tour from April to Dec 2018.  Preferably based in the SW.  Rehearsals begin 19th March in Devon. ITC minimum rates/relocation/travel accommodation/subs etc.

The Role:

The Trumpet – A poet and a dreamer.  Full of curiosity and revelation, energy and warmth. A bridge to the audience.  Good singing voice, preferably plays a musical instrument (violin, flute, other) and moves with alacrity across a space. Playing age – 18>30yrs 

The Play

‘The Cause’ – An Overture of Rebellion and Revolt

A new play for Dreadnought South West (DSW), written by Natalie McGrath (Oxygen for DSW, Coasting, for Bristol Old Vic) & directed by Josie Sutcliffe.

About the play: 

It is 1913. Revolution stings the air.  In an orchard two women meet in secret.  Their actions have divided them.  Divided a nation.  Split their cause in two.  What happens when the two women are suffrage leaders; Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett?

The Cause considers the impact of a lifetime of political campaigning on an individual.  Asking how far would you go for what you believe in?  With a third character, The Trumpet, from the present watching in, responding and connecting to an audience.

Dreadnought South West is a feminist arts and heritage charity based in the South West that champions and shares great stories about women.

See our website for more:

The Cause, is part of Dreadnought South West's year of suffrage centenary events, celebrating 100 years since (some) women achieved the vote and is part of a national programme of events. 

Funded by Arts Council England's Strategic Touring programme.

Please send CV and covering letter expressing your interest and connection to our project and why this role appeals to you.

To by noon Tuesday 6th Feb. 

Auditions on Friday 9th February in Exeter.