The Pilgrimage

These are the names of the women we think walked all the way along the South West pilgrimage route from Land's End to Hyde Park in 1913:  Frances Sterling / Naomi Bassett Fox / Gwen Coleman / Mrs Annie C Ramsay (known as the Veteran Pilgrim) / Miss Misick / Miss Baly / Helen Fraser / Miss Tanner – we are very happy for for anyone who knows more than we do, or thinks otherwise to get in touch with Natalie ( and if you have any related stories to the pilgrimage itself – these would be most welcome.

We have been really fortunate to have seen a collection of original photograph's of the women from the SW route of the pilgrimage.  This has been generously shared with us by Jill Morison, whose great aunt Naomi Bassett Fox walked all the way.  The images below are from a photographic album of hers, passed on through generations.  This rests currently at Penlee House, Penzance in a display cabinet with copies of the images around it ( Many of these images have manifested themselves into the vision and physical life of 

Oxygen and are present in the touring show itself.  As we watch the show now, as it progresses along the tour route, these images are arresting our attention, mesmerising us as they have been central to director Josie Sutcliffe's direction and vision and Diana Theodores's choreographic landscape for the play.  A wonderful inspiration as you can imagine.  We cannot thank Jill enough for these gifts.