It was great to be back at the Barbican in Plymouth, where Oxygenation took place back in 2013.  With some space and time since the Corsham reading, Natalie had has time to experiment with the script and to try out something very new in the form of the text itself.  Interesting what it provided was too much text and, even though something had loosened in the writing, something had been found, we discovered we simply had way too much for the evenings reading.  A lot of editing took place. 

Claire was with us once more providing more sound to the work, and Josie put traverse rows on the stage space to bring a sense of intimacy for the actors and some of the audience.

We hag a great audience in Plymouth, and a very warm and responsive dialogue afterwards.  With many younger women in the audience, there was a real sense from them that they would need to go away and so some further research on their suffrage history.  Which is always exciting for us.

Another revealing evening and much learnt about the script itself and from audience responses.