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It was great to be back in Teignmouth and working with T.A.A.G in the lovely Ice Factory studio space.  Perfect for a performed reading of this new play.  We were here for two nights, and several workshops also took place, as well as the post-performed reading discussions with audiences.  Thanks to Roger and Liz once again for supporting our work, both of whom promote and support a dynamic hub of artists in and around Teignmouth.

Claire led a singing workshop on one of the days.  Natalie took herself off to Teignmouth Library and was looked after brilliantly by the staff there, meeting a range of people to talk about Dreadnought’s work, women and activism, and Rebellious Sounds.  Josie Sutcliffe and Trustee Mary Lidgate led on a speaking out workshop, and finally Nicci Wonnacott and Catherine Cartwright ran a Fe-Manifesto Workshop, producing some lovely slogans and banners.  See more here at the Fe-Manifesto

Audiences were once again very forthcoming and here they began to speak to one another in a way we hadn’t anticipated.  There was much raging debate about key aspects of the play, such as the orchard environment itself, wolves, being on mountains, gender and women in politics.  It was another significant learning curve here for the whole team, and like the other discussions, sent Natalie off with much to think about as she entered into another draft of the play.  Each roadshow location has been inspiring the next stage of text development.