Aims & Objectives

10 Years of Creating in the South West

Dreadnought: Inspired by Sylvia Pankhurst’s publication The Dreadnought, also means “fear nothing”.

South West: Region in which we are based, also our ambitious reach is from Land’s End to Chippenham and Corsham in Wiltshire inspired by the Great 1913 Women’s Pilgrimage Route.

Aims and Objectives:

Dreadnought South West is an intersectional feminist arts and heritage organisation based in the South West of England, operating out of Exeter.

We create arts and heritage platforms to bring together a broad range of women to participate together to tell and share previously untold stories about women and girls.

We work with a range of communities and arts, heritage, archive and community organisations to reach and engage offering free workshops and creative activities.

We tell and seek our stories about the activism of women, girls and non-binary people to share how social change is happening and inspiring others in their communities.

We have toured two major theatre shows across the South West Region; Oxygen in 2013 and The Cause in 2018.

We produce annually a 16 hour community radio broadcast on Exeter’s Phonic FM, radio and podcast training, craftivism and textile workshops.

We are the producers of the Rebellious Sounds Archive, a mobile touring listening booth and digital archive of women and non-binary stories of activism.  

We aim to:

Engage People: more women and girls tell their stories, are heard and widely valued.

Encourage engagement, learning new skills and creativity.

Be a resilient Organisation: DSW is effective, efficient and financially secure.

Be an effective Team: our people are happy, appropriately skilled and highly motivated

Gather excellent evidence: all of our activities are expertly devised and our impacts well evidenced. 

Create an organisation that is environmentally sustainable aware and impactful.