Writing Workshops 2016


It has been great to be the recipients of funding from Literature Work’s Grassroots Funding, which is a fund to support writers to deliver workshops in the South West region.

Have a look at the great work that Literature Works does here: www.literatureworks.org.uk

At Dreadnought we always try to find ways to make workshops as accessible as possible, and so this series of writing workshops, led by Co-Director and playwright Natalie McGrath are all free.  

Our focus is to have a workshop in four different places: Bodmin, Plymouth, Teignmouth & Exeter this time around.  We certainly hope that there will be more in the future.

The workshops will ask:
– What does a rebellious sound look and sound like?  
– How might we write a rebellious sound?  

Taking a look at examples of women who have made amazing rebellious sounds in the past and the present, we will ask; what does my voice sound like?  It is an opportunity to tune in to this, and to be very playful with writing as well.  Hopefully the workshops might open up some new avenues for new ways of approaching how get writing ignited.