Responses to Our Work

Oxygen, 2013

The walk meant a lot to me because I started to understand how important it was for women to have the vote and why women have to use the opportunity they have today to vote.”  (Maia; Aged 11)

Going on the walk showed me how important it was to them to have the vote and how determined they were and that they were still strong a hundred years ago. I found it vital that men were doing the walk too and it shows that lots of men are happy or don’t really mind that women have the vote. Last of all, it was amazing to think that we were walking in those inspiring women’s footsteps from 100 years ago.”  (Evie; Aged 9)

Fantastic marriage of writing and direction. It was so beautiful. Loved it.

Loved the urgency and vitality of Dreadnought South West and Oxygen the play – an achievement that goes far, far beyond a night at the theatre.

Brilliantly written, cleverly directed and exquisitely acted, a fitting theatrical tribute to an amazing piece of our history.

Oxygen is an uplifting and touching reminder of what we have achieved so far and of how far we still have to go.

The Orchard Roadshow 2015

The scratch event was artistically developmental, enlarging responsibility and ownership with time to talk afterwards. Apart from encouraging collaborative feedback, itʼs right not to send people away with serious stirrings which have no social outlet. Using their warmth, the company turned individual experience into conversations. There were strong feelings and memories, shyness overcome, misgivings and contradictions announced. I felt nostalgia for headier, more hopeful times which was happily offset by humour and bursts of youthful enthusiasm and insight. The project brought women together in an objective capacity around something that is difficult for us and often rooted in pain. Where else does that happen outside theatre?

There is a feeling that they have both given everything for their causes

Beautifully and powerfully written and performed and directed

Their anger is uncomfortable

It has remained with me and I was intrigued and impacted by the amount it brought up. It’s a beautiful piece of writing which seemed to throw me from one end of a spectrum to another, the poetic and the intense to the deeply emotive, passionate and direct and equally intense. It threw light on how fundamentalism can arise, in the most understandable of causes – and asks consideration of how we can ignore this just because we don’t understand the cause of the passion. And how we justify and explain our own passions – which was also brought to light in the discussion afterwards. Audience Member, Teignmouth

It's asking us about could we stand up for what we believe in and its also saying what do you believe in.  Audience Member, Redruth

I felt like I was sitting in the orchard, but I kept changing sides one minute I was on one side and then I was on another. Audience Member, Bodmin

So it's about the consequences of our actions and as women you get punished and you are often treated as is victims and you're often blamed and so when Pankhurst talks about being provoked by the government, there is such a truth ringing in this, and it made me really emotional and it was just very powerful.

It's clear that there is a gap in our knowledge, and I think you know you've got the opportunity to inform us somehow about that, so would like you to think about that in terms of how you present this work.

But they are at their most of the real and emotional when they were at their most personal as women.

It's powerful and the writing is so powerful and beautiful. Wonderful performers. Great framing at the beginning. I was there. I was in the orchard.

Responses to our Roadshow on Twitter from younger audience members in Plymouth:
ʻIt is not done yetʼ. A timely reminder from @DreadnoughtSW @BarbicanBee of the debt we will always owe to our suffragists forbears //TheOrchardʼ

ʻThank you @DreadnoughtSW & @NatLMcG for letting us share your creative process. I loved this eve.

ʻSuch a beautiful night of //theatre thank you! @NatLMcG @ruthresearch // dreadnoughtSW //SUFFRAGETTE