SW Suffrage Stories

As part of the Rebellious Sounds Archive project in 2017 – 2019, we sought to uncover the stories of women’s suffrage pioneers from the early twentieth century with a connection to the South West. Curatorial Research Volunteer Elizabeth Strange researched the stories of 12 women, from Penzance to Chippenham. We hope that by promoting their stories, their histories will keep being told across the South West and beyond.

Click the image below to find out about each woman’s life (this will open a PDF in a new window; this can be downloaded it from there).

RSA Know Her Name Elsie Howey TORBAY PLYMOUTH panel-1

Elsie Howey, Torbay

RSA Know Her Name Mary Blathwayt panel-1

Mary Blathwayt, Bath

RSA Know Her Name Edith Bessie New CHIPPENHAM panel-1

Edith Bessie New, Swindon

RSA Know Her Name Anne Ball NORTH DEVON-1

Anne Ball, North Devon

RSA Know Her Name Bridport Wildcats DORSET2-1

Bridport Wildcats, Dorset

RSA Know Her Name Helen Taylor panel-1

Helen Taylor, Torquay

RSA Know Her Name Olive Wharry TORQUAY2-1

Olive Wharry, Exeter & Torquay

RSA Know Her Name Mary Louise Ulyatt-1

Mary Louise Ulyatt, Totnes

RSA Know Her Name Amy Montague DEVON 2-1

Amy Montague, Crediton

RSA Know Her Name Annie Leigh Browne-1

Annie Leigh Browne, Somerset

RSA Know Her Name Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence BRISTOL SOMERSET-1

Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, Bristol

RSA Know Her Name Emily Hobhouse panel-1

Emily Hobhouse, Liskeard