Occupy the Airwaves 2016

As a way of celebrating International Women’s Day 2016, Dreadnought decided to see if it could ‘occupy the airwaves’ in Exeter on Phonic FM.  This was made possible by regular DJ’s who gave up their weekly time slots to accommodate us and we hosted a six hour radio show from Midday to 6pm.  So thanks to them and the Phonic team who facilitated this.  We would love to be back bigger and bolder in 2017!

Phonic is Exeter’s brilliant community radio.  Dreadnought’s very own Josie Sutcliffe presents the monthly Culture and Review show on the first Thursday of each month.

Have a look and listen in to Phonic here: www.phonic.fm

We had an exciting mix of presenters from across Exeter’s community and hosted a wide range of guests including artists, musicians, activists, and for full details of all the presenters who gave their time to organise their shows, and to listen back have click on the this link below:

occupy-02 occupy-03

occupy-04 occupy-05