Rebellious Objects

Out there are hundreds and hundreds of objects related to protest. These objects come in all shapes and sizes and forms.  We are looking to create a unique online collection of protest objects with stories about each object to enliven and enrich our knowledge of the ways in which all women and girls are fighting for and creating social change in the South West region.

Below we have a range of images of badges connected to a wide range of protest from our Chair of Trustees Anne Barnes.  She has kicked off our collection and we will be hearing more about these objects in the future.

What are your objects of rebellion?  

Download and complete this form and send to along with an image of your Rebellious Object.

It could be a banner, it could be a badge, a t-shirt or it could be a keyring with a slogan on it.  We would like to hear from you!

The image on our home page has been donated by Dr Julia Neville and we will be sharing more about her story of this object as we start to build the gallery itself.

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