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NUWSS march from Land's End to  London; known as 'The  Pilgrimage'  1913Dreadnought South West Association is a new organisation that works with arts and heritage to champion women’s voices and stories.  Our first major project celebrates the centenary of The Great 1913 Suffrage Pilgrimage and asks, ‘What is important to women today’?

We will tour a new play, ‘Oxygen’, performing at many of the stopping places along the South West route of the original Pilgrimage (see Oxygen & Tickets). There will be responding arts and heritage waymarker projects taking place and a series of land journeys connecting the region from Land’s End to Marlborough in Wiltshire, ensuring that women’s voices are heard across the SW in 2013 (see the Oxygen Online Map)

DSW is supported using public funding by Arts Council England and has over 100 other partners (individuals, groups and organisations) who are supporting us.

Land’s End and Beyond

I'm sat in the auditorium of the beautiful Orange Tree Theatre today, where the company are working Oxygen for the space, which is in the round.  Another new space, another new configuration.  Amazing to the see the 'bones' as they are now known in here, after seeing them against so many other backdrops.

It is great to be so welcomed here in Richmond by Sam Walters and his team.  It's very exciting to be finishing our tour here.  A place where women playwrights are regularly honoured and produced.   Richmond.  The women on the pilgrimage were here.  Passing through.  Almost at their destination. 

We have been made welcome in so many places on our journey. This has been an extraordinary aspect of the Dreadnought project as a whole.  Another reflection of the way the women of 1913 gathered and managed being on the pilgrimage route.  When we set out on this projects beginnings over eighteen months ago, it was always an ambition to try and reflect and honour aspects of the pilgrimage itself.  Obviously the constraints are wildly different, but here we are nonetheless.

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